If you have an electric car, now you can get your own charging point!

Energy Nordic has teamed up with Bettergy to offer you the opportunity to get different charging points for your electric vehicle. Using our experience and knowledge in the energy industry, this proposal arises with the aim of helping the energy transition.
Private Garages
Inside Companies
Community Garages
Public Parkings

The recharging points for these vehicles exist in different types and forms, here are those that are currently marketed:

Portable Recharging Point

Allows recharging from traditional domestic connectors, it is comfortable and easy to transport.

Wall or Mural Recharge Point

These are installed through anchors to the wall of your garage and said installation is simple, easy to use and economical. Within these, there are also alternatives that allow power control.

Post Recharge Point

These points are known to be found in companies or public places, perfect for long journeys and have a high charging power.

Recharge Point Subsidies

  • 1
    In Andalucía:

    We deal with all the grant application management.

  • 2
    Outside Andalucía:

    The customer takes care of the management of the request, and we give technical support.

  • 3
    Action mode:

    Installation is done and then, the competent body studies the installation and they will assess whether or not they give the grant. The process requires a year minimum.

  • 4
    Amount of aid:

    Residential: 70%
    Companies: 30%

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