Plan MOVES III: Grants for electric cars and charging points

Last year, the Council of Ministers, at the proposal of the Ministry for the Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenge, approved the new edition of the Plan MOVES, this time in edition number III. This aims to support and encourage electric mobility, 400 million euros have been allocated within the framework of the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan. This amount is expandable up to 800 million if required by demand.

This will allow structural and lasting reforms for the coming years; It has been launched on July 23, 2021 and will continue in force until December 31, 2023. So if you are interested you still have enough time to apply.

Within this incentive towards electric mobility, the support for electrification, the integration of renewable energies and hydrogen and the deployment of electric vehicle recharging infrastructure stand out among these European flagship initiatives.

As a novelty compared to the previous MOVES in this edition, an additional 10% will be granted in aid to those registered in municipalities with a population of fewer than 5,000 inhabitants, people with disabilities due to reduced mobility or professional use for taxi or VTC.

Among the most outstanding subsidies is the one granted for the Acquisition of Electric and/or Hybrid Vehicles and, on the other hand, the Acquisition of Recharging Infrastructures for electric cars.

Acquisition of Recharging Infrastructures (Charging Points for electric cars)

In the cases of individuals, they are granted 70% of the cost of the product and the installation, unlike the subsidy granted to companies or SMEs, which is 30% of the cost.

– Battery recharging system for electric vehicles, both public and private.

– In communities of owners, canalizations are necessary to have the electrical pre-installation and communications service.

Acquisition of plug-in electric and fuel cell vehicles

– Vehicles of categories M1 (cars), N1 (vans and light trucks), L3e, L4e L5e (electric motorcycles) and L6e, L7e (electric quadricycles).

– Coaches or buses of categories M2 or M3 are NOT eligible, nor are trucks or vans N2 and N3.

Ultimate recipients

– Individuals and freelancers, communities of owners, and legal persons established in Spain.

– Local entities and institutional public sector.

From Energy Nordic, we offer charging points for electric cars and their installations, which apply perfectly to the Plan MOVES III subsidy.

The way the plan application request process works is as follows; Within Andalusia, Energy Nordic and other partner companies can take care of the entire application to obtain the subsidy, outside of Andalusia the client must do it himself, but technical help will always be given if the client needs it.

Once the installation of the charging point has occurred, the competent authority studies the installation and decides whether to give the subsidy.

Are you interested in getting a charging point and applying for the grant?

Here at Energy Nordic can help you get your own charging point for your home, company or parking lot. Click the button below and get started.


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