Share Solar Power with your neighbours!

Energy Nordic now offers you the oportunity to install solar panels in communities or urbanisations and you would also share the cost.

What is collective solar power?

We speak of collective solar power when the electricity from the same installation is used by more than one consumer. The most common is photovoltaic solar.

Electricity can be consumed at the time of its generation, stored in accumulation systems or, otherwise, poured into the network as surplus.

It is an internal network because the consumers are connected directly to the solar panels, without the need for the electricity to go through the wiring of the electrical distribution network. Finally, it is an installation with surpluses because the energy not consumed is discharged into the network with financial compensation through a direct deduction of the electricity discharged in the monthly bill.

For this reason, Energy Nordic had partnered with Bettergy to offer the EnergySequence platform, which combines knowledge of energy efficiency, and data analytics to offer reliable and intelligent energy-saving recommendations.

How is energy distributed among neighbors?

Distribution coefficient: percentage of energy that corresponds to each consumer. Currently, the distribution of energy is static and is set through the agreement between the self-consumers.
It is important to note that the more self-produced energy consumed, the greater the use of the installation.

How does the photovoltaic installation work?

The installation consists of photovoltaic panels located on the roof or fixed structure. It is necessary to install a generation meter that allows counting the generation and the distribution between the different associated consumptions.
Additionally, battery storage can be included, which allows electricity to be accumulated in times of overproduction to be used at other times of the day.

How much does the installation cost?

It is important to note that the more self-produced energy consumed, the greater the use of the installation.
We offer you the possibility of knowing quickly what the total cost would be, the savings generated, the number of panels needed and the total power to be installed.
One of the strengths of the EnergySequence platform is its ability to support different financing models, thus allowing models to be simulated through which the end user:
• Acquisition of the plant in property at the beginning.
• Leasing models whereby the user pays a fee for installation.
• PPA models through which the investment is made by a third party and the end user will only pay for self-consumed energy.

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