About us

An energy company
which speaks a language
you understand

Everything should be made as
simple as possible, but not simpler

For some people, it is second nature to always strive to do things that little bit better.

You know, those people who always need to be hands-on, taking things apart and turning them upside down, questioning all the possible, and impossible, little details. Those people who will always challenge the status quo, in the belief that things can be improved with clever thinking and the appreciation of simple ideas.

These are the people you will find at Energy Nordic.

Energy Nordic is an energy company rooted in Scandinavian values, which believes in the power of doing things as simply as possible.

With our fast service and organized structure, and in every aspect of our work, we aim to make a difference. It’s our pleasure. Every day – and with a smile. We are never in any doubt as to who we are working for. We work for our clients, and we know what is best for them: a simple setup, a good price and a feeling of security, through open and positive dialogue. With Energy Nordic, the customer will never wonder if he or she is being taken seriously.

We are a focused organisation, which knows what it wants, and how to get there. In fact, we have done it all before. And so, we work only with dedicated employees who know that good service is all about insight. Our friendly and approachable staff will be able to clarify all the rules, legislation and opportunities of significance to each individual client.

For us, it is in our DNA to be innovative and to make a difference. And that means for the next generation too. We deliver only sustainable green energy. Not only to be considering sustainability for today, but also to consider the kind of world we want to leave for our children and grandchildren.

In short, Energy Nordic is a forward thinking energy company with many years’ experience. We want to develop the best and most simple energy solutions for our clients, while striving to make sure each day is better than the day before!

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