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Find the product that best suits your needs


Providing your energy at the exact market price

  • Energy at the exact market price
  • You only pay the purchase price and a fixed handling fee
  • Ideal when energy prices are stable and low, or when prices are expected to fall


Price: Variable
Handling fee / month: 5 €


For holiday homes that are only used occasionally

  • Tailor-made for holiday homes
  • Fixed rate regardless of usage
  • Unchanging monthly bills
  • Ideal for your Spanish holiday home, if you want to keep your energy bills at a constant amount.

Price: Depends on consumption
Handling fee / month: 0 €


The secure option, where you always know the price

  • Gives you financial peace of mind
  • Fixes your price per kWh when prices are low
  • Energy prices may rise – but the price you pay will stay the same
  • Ideal when prices are low and right before expected price increases

Price: 0,143088 €/kWh
Handling fee / month: 0 €