Contracted Power. What is it? And how much does it cost to increase it?

Increasing the contracted power means paying around 46€ for each additional kilowatt. In which cases should you increase it and how to do it? Check out the tips to get the right power for your home.

How to increase the power of the electricity

To increase the contracted electrical power at home, you should contact the electricity supplier through their usual customer service channels and provide the following information:

  • Name, surname and ID card number of the contract holder.
  • Current and new electrical power
  • CUPS number
  • Address of the supply point
  • Electricity Bulletin (in certain cases)

How long does it take to increase the electrical power?

The estimated time to increase the electrical power is between seven and twenty days. This may take longer because the billing cycle must be closed before the change is accepted.

How much does it cost to increase the power of electricity?

Once the power increase has been approved, users must pay a series of fees for the increased kilowatts. This expense is paid to the electricity distributor through the first bill received with the change completed.

Price of power increase:

Access rights                      19,70 € per kilowatt
Extension rights                  17,37 € per kilowatt
Connection rights                9,04 €
(Prices without taxes)

In order to see more clearly the cost of increasing the power, the practical case of a household that decides to increase the power from 3.45 kW to 4.6 kW is shown:

Kilowatts increased: 1,15 kW

Access rights: 19,70 € * 1,15 kW = 22,66 €.

Extension fee: 17,37 € * 1,15 kW = 19,97 €.

Connection fee: 9,04 €.

Total to be paid (with tax): 51,67 € * 0,21 = 62,52 €.

As can be seen, contracting more kilowatts has quite a high cost. In the case of lowering the electrical power the price to pay is much lower because not all the rights are paid.

How much does it cost to reduce the contracted power?

All consumers who want to reduce the contracted power will have to pay 10.94 € to the electricity distributor as a connection fee.

This charge is included in the first electricity bill received after the change in power and is sent to the distributor by the distributor.

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