Daylight saving 2021 how does it affect the new tariffs?

Times are a-changing! ⏰

The clocks will change in the early morning from Saturday to Sunday this weekend. The clocks will shift from 3am to 2am during the early hours of Sunday morning, giving us an extra hour of sleep, yay! 👏

Will the tariffs be affected by the time change?

The simple answer is no. The new time periods, which came into place 1st June 2021, will stay the same. So, the energy period which starts 8am will still start at 8am after the daylight saving hour change. There are no changes to any time periods. See which tariff we are on here, with our live tariff time tracker.

Please see the image below for the time periods for the 2.0TD tariff. For 3.0TD times, please see this link.

To conclude, the daylight saving time change will not have any effect on the energy periods as you now know them, and you, as a consumer, will not have to make any changes.

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