Distributor updates to tariffs June 2021

Change is coming…

As many of you might have heard, it is correct that the distributors are scheduling tariffs to go through a complete makeover across all of Spain. It has been postponed several times, but now it seems to become a reality.

These changes effect everyone in Spain regardless of electricity supplier.

We are collecting as much information as possible from the distributors to be able to inform you, our clients, about these changes they are implementing. We finally received confirmation this week and are in the middle of verifying it, so in the next days we will inform all clients via email as well as across all online platforms.

The information provided to us as an energy supplier has been (to say the least) kept to a minimum until this point and there are still things that haven’t been clarified yet.

We have a team working day and night trying to figure out how we can take maximum advantage of these new tariffs on behalf of our clients and during the next weeks, we will be posting information on our Facebook Page as we know more.

Email and Facebook will be our main channel for advice in terms of how to adjust to this new situation. And as always Energy Nordic will do everything in our power to keep prices transparent and fair! 🙂

  • If one wants to have a lower “potencia” in the cheapest period from 0000 to 0800 will this also include all weekends and holidays? Because if that is the case the possibility to save some money because of the refused “fixed” cost not having a high “potencia” during the night when one is not using much energy is probably not a good idea, since one probably have to have the possibilty to use normal amount of energy during the weekend. Thanks for the respons.

  • Hi Peter,

    That is correct. If you lower you P2, it will lower all nights, weekends and bank holidays.
    The deal with this is to lower either your P1, P2 or both to mach your need. You can sign up with your distributor and check how much power, and when, you demand.

    You can see here how to sign up with your distributor, depending on who it is. This you can check on the last page of your invoice:



    If you make no change at all, the total Potencia price will be around 15% cheaper now on the new tariff.

    Thank you.

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