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Tariff Timetables 2.0TD

Precio Medio 2.0 TD  Noviembre: 0.11468€kw

Tariff Timetables 3.0TD

Precio medio 3.0TD Noviembre: 0.09730€MW

  • I have been looking at the simple P1, P2, P3 identified in 3 colours in segment charts and waiting for my metre to be altered so I can continue to record weekly usage. (still waiting) Now you have sent this latest set of charts, I am totally confused and have no idea what I am looking at, or what tariff I am on. (2,0. 3,0, how do I know what I am on???)

    • Hi Freddie,

      Your tariff is determined by your Potencia level. If you have below 15 kW contracted power, then you are on the 2.0TD tariff. If your contracted power is above 15 kW then your are on the 3.0TD tariff.

      Thank you.

  • Jag upplever oss “överkörda” av myndigheterna med de nya energibestämmelserna. Var är valfriheten? Har vi rätt avtal?
    Jag vill veta när de olika tarifferna gäller för oss:
    P1 gäller kl …..
    P2 gäller kl ….
    P3 gäller kl….

    Midsommarhälsningar från kundnr 17 11 00 99
    A Erikson

  • I have a normal meter with the flat disc going round and round registering the electricity used. How does Endesa know at what time I am using any electricity and all my consumption is not charged at the top tarif?

    • Hi Paul,

      We were actually not 100% sure, as we were told all meters should’ve been replaces, to new smart meters by June 1st.

      Here is was what written about it in the official BOE from March:

      “Adaptation of measurement devices
      The distribution companies have until June 1, 2021 to adapt the measurement equipment to the toll structure defined in the Circular.
      In those cases in which it is not possible to adapt the metering equipment to the toll structure of the Circular (meters not replaced, meters without hourly curve, meters whose programming has not been possible before June 1 or programming errors the meters), the billing of access tolls will be made from the data obtained from their readings.
      a) For consumers with metering equipment with time recording capacity, the energy per hourly period is found from the hourly load curve according to the periods according to the defined calendar
      b) When the consumer does not have effectively integrated hourly measurement equipment, the actual consumption in accordance with the structure of current periods will be converted to the periods in accordance with the calendars defined in article 7 of Circular 3/2020 applying the percentages of conversion that have been established for the purposes in the Resolution of prices
      c) Those supply points covered by the 2.0 TD toll that do not have measuring equipment integrated in the remote management systems for reasons attributable to the consumer and, therefore, have a single power control switch, they may not contract differentiated powers by hourly period
      d) Those supply points covered by the 2.0 TD toll that have metering equipment integrated into the remote management systems and also have a single power control switch, the distribution companies will proceed to eliminate the aforementioned device from the request for contracting of differentiated powers by period
      e) Regardless of whether the meter belongs to the consumer or is rented from the distribution company, the distribution company, as in charge of reading the meter, will be responsible for programming the meter according to the provisions of the new Circular

      Thank you.

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