What are Estimated Readings and how to understand them

Understanding electricity consumption and billing here in Spain can be confusing. Especially when estimated readings come into play. We have put together a little information here that hopefully will help you understand it a little better.

How do estimated meter readings work?

As an energy supplier, Energy Nordic, rely on the distributors to send us the meter readings of our clients so we are able to invoice you all correctly.

With these meter readings it allow us to accurately charge you for the energy you consume. However, if your distributor cannot gain access to the meter remotely, they will use estimated readings. These estimated readings are not always accurate, but will adjust over time and in the end, you will only ever end up paying for the electricity actually consumed.

The distributors explain that if your meter could not be read due to communication problems in the network or other specific problems with your meter or their infrastructure, the electricity distribution company in your area will estimated a reading based on your previous consumption record.

We cannot emphasis enough that this is the responsibility of your distributor to send us the readings and is not something supply companies, like ourselves, can override unfortunately.

For more information regarding the difference between energy suppliers and distributors please read here.

Why do I receive an estimated bill and can it be changed?

An estimated bill can in some cases be very different from the actual power usage. This is of course not an ideal situation for any party, but it is unfortunately not something Energy Nordic as a supplier can change for you. It is the distributor who determines whether you receive an actual reading based on your usage or an estimated reading. It is also the distributor who chooses your reading periods (upon which we bill you), whether it is every 30 days or 60 days or any other cycle they may have you on. This is also why we cannot invoice until readings have been received, and some months, there can be delays and we are left waiting and chasing the distributors for these readings so we are able to bill you.

However, the bill will always eventually be adjusted once the distributor is able to access real readings:

  • For an overcharged estimated bill, you will receive the deduction back.
  • For an undercharged bill, you will be invoiced for any additional consumption not covered in the estimated reading.

You will always receive any overcharged bills back eventually, however, in Spain, this could be potentially a long period of time before this is resolved automatically. For Energy Nordic, or any other supply company to speed up the process, we can only dispute these estimated readings if you can send us photos of the meter. With this information we are able to open up a dispute with the distributor on your behalf, they can see it has been verified and we can ensure money is returned to you sooner.

You will always be able to see on page 2 of your bill under the consumption breakdown, whether you have an invoice based on real or estimated readings. Please see the image below.

Your electric bill will always have a fixed part, which you will have to pay, even if you do not use any electricity. Additionally, there is the part which increases or decreases depending on how much electricity you use.

Some meters take a little longer to send through the reading and therefore you may receive a bill which is estimated instead of being based on your actual usage.

Do you want to lower your electric bill?

Read our blog on how you best can utilize the new tariffs. Some of our clients have found themselves able to lower their electric bill dramatically, even though the prices for electricity have risen, through conscious consumption during the cheaper times of the day. For example only using high-consumption appliances like washing machines or dishwashers during these cheaper VALLE hours.

Still have questions?

Electricity billing has always been a complicated subject here in Spain and we understand the difficultly in understanding some of the processes here. Energy Nordic will always strive to make it as simple and easy to understand as possible, however if you still have further questions concerning your electric bill, please send us an email, pop into our office, give us a call or contact us on Facebook.

Interested in Solar Power?

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