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The power of simplicity

Here at Energy Nordic, we understand the level of confusion with these new tariff changes and differing time periods across different days of the week. It IS confusing and a big change for us all.

In order to make your lives easier (and ours too), we have created a live page displaying the exact time period you are on 24/7 with the 2.0TD tariff, how long left on that period and the next period coming up, as well as energy saving tips and tricks!

We will be updating very shortly with live tariff information for the 3.0TD tariff also.

You can bookmark this page in your browser or perhaps save to your home screen on your mobile device, so it is always easily accessible. Next time you wonder if it’s a energy efficient time to put the washing machine on, the answer is only one click away!

Please see this link or the below button and let us know what you think in the comments under this post. We would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions.


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