What is green energy and how is Energy Nordic 100% green?

A question we receive often: How do I know the energy you supply is actually green?

First things first let’s cover the simple stuff –

What actually is Green Energy?

Green or renewable energy is a type of energy that generates no or very minimal negative impact on the environment. This renewable energy comes from sources that are not depleted, unlike through other means of energy production with limited resources, like fossil fuels. As a source of energy, green energy often comes from renewable energy technologies such as solar energy, wind power, geothermal energy, biomass and hydroelectric power. Each of these different technologies work in different ways, whether that is by taking power from the sun, as with solar panels, or using wind turbines or the flow of water to generate energy.

Green energy provides real benefits for the environment since the power comes from natural resources which are constantly replenished; the direct opposite of the unsustainable, carbon emitting fossil fuels that have powered us for decades. Creating energy with a zero carbon footprint is a great stride towards a more environmentally friendly future for generations to come.

Of course, when any company advertises as 100% green energy – there is room for general doubt that questions: is it possible that 100% of the energy we supply is of renewable origin?

Perhaps you have seen on the market many tariffs that offer this clean energy. Well, at Energy Nordic, we only sell 100% green energy. It is the difference between other suppliers where it is offered as another product and those, like ourselves, who take care of the planet by offering only renewable energy.

So, how is it possible that we can offer only 100% green energy?

We fully understand the reasons that may make you feel sceptical with issues like this where you cannot physically see the product you are purchasing. We have had several comments that exclaim that it is impossible for us to guarantee that only green energy reaches your homes or your companies, at least if you do not have a self-consumption installation. This is an comment that we come across periodically and we always answer the same clear answer: yes, we are 100% green! In fact, it is the CNMC that guarantees and certifies it to us and allows us to market our services as such.

When it comes down to it, there are only two ways to guarantee that all the energy you consume is of entirely renewable origin:

  • You produce it with your own self-consumption installation (eg. Solar panels)
  • You have your energy supply with a company that holds the Guarantee of 100% Renewable Origin, issued by the CNMC (National Commission of Markets and Competition) in proportion to the energy you consume, as is the case with Energy Nordic.
Power that works with the planet, not against it.

By purchasing only energy that has been certified by the approving, governing body (CNMC) as 100% renewable, ensures that all the energy that we purchase and supply to our clients, has been sourced from a 100% renewable origin, even if the energy that reaches them directly comes from several different sources. What we guarantee is the initial origin is from renewable production. In this way, together, we manage to increase the amount of homes and business that use green energy and we hope that one day, the world will be 100% green.

To summarise, more than 400 renewable producers are in charge of pouring renewable energy into the electrical grid every day for Energy Nordic, so that 100% of what our customers consume has been produced by them. So – yes, we are 100% green!

As a renewable energy supplier, sustainability is part of our DNA and central to our mission, so we are always looking for additional steps to make further responsible environmental choices. So, in keeping with our green efforts, Energy Nordic are ‘Practising What We Print’ – Where possible, we always choose to use products from 100% recycled materials. It’s also why we send all communication to you by email. Sending contracts, bills, and letters to you electronically is far more environmentally friendly.

We believe energy should be better, a better experience for you, your wallet and the environment. We promote transparency, simplicity and ethics in all our actions; working every day to make green energy more accessible to everyone. The best news of all, is that we are getting there! Together.

If you too are looking for ways to decrease your carbon footprint little by little, why not think about changing to 100% green energy (and save money at the same time!).

Be part of the green revolution!

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  • I do not want to be rude and I accept that you are generating green energy but the energy supplied to my home could come from any supplier as you all use the same wiring.. I have chosen to pay you for the energy supplied and I suppose you can therefore claim that the energy I use has come from you. The only way I can be certain is to have a separate circuit to my home from you or like the example you quoted in your example. Richard

    • Hi there William, Thank you for your comment. We do not generate energy – we are suppliers. We arrange the purchase and billing of the energy supplied to you through the cabling owned by the distributor. The CNMC issues certificates of compliance to suppliers that only purchase energy through renewable means and that is what is supplied to your home. By using a supplier of 100% certified green energy, you know that the power you have paid towards, supports renewable production. Thank you – Customer Service

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