Save money with Solar Power in Spain

Energy Nordic have teamed up with our solar partners to offer you access to services that can help you improve your energy efficiency and save even further on your bills!

Whether it’s home or business, our new Solar Power opportunity means you can now benefit from the governmental grants towards solar installation across Spain. With opportunities for renting and full finance possible, there’s never been a a better time to enquire!

Fill in the form below and the team will be in touch with a personalised study of your consumption for a plan tailored exactly to you.

Take control over rising energy costs

With over 320 days of sunshine in Andalucía, solar energy is by far the smartest way to power your house. Tailor made projects that enable you to save, invest and secure the most stable energy supply to your home or business. Reduce your energy bills even further with a solar installation that generates 100% green energy which further adds more value to your home, what’s not to like?

Solar self-consumption

Our solar team have extensive experience in self-consumption photovoltaic installations at the very best price, with options for renting, sharing the cost with neighbours and full financing available with each project completely personalised to your individual needs.

How can it benefit you?

  1. Start saving right away!
  2. No paperwork hassle – our team take care of everything!
  3. High quality, personalised installations to suit your needs.
  4. Go green! Take care of the planet by reducing your emissions.
  5. SAVE MORE, generate your own power and sell back to grid!

Would you like a free quote for solar installation?

We can help you optimise your energy consumption and save even further with the benefits of solar power. Fill in the form below and our team will be in contact!

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