How will the new 2021 electricity tariffs affect you?

Please don’t worry.

We cannot stress this enough. Yes, there are changes coming to how energy is priced across all of Spain. But, no, you do not need to panic. We are not raising our prices and you will not be penalised – the modifications are based on governmental regulations.

Please note – these tariff changes are not isolated to Energy Nordic clients. These changes will affect everyone in Spain with access to electricity, regardless of who your supplier is. After over 3 years postponing these updates, the Spanish government and distributors have now confirmed these changes will come into place from 1st June 2021.

Many of you may have seen abnormalities on your meters in the last few months (‘P3’ readings etc), regardless of your supplier – this has been due to the introduction of these upcoming changes and new governmental regulations.

We are working hard everyday reviewing the data that is provided to us (drop by drop) to best optimise our services and products to ensure you continue get the best price possible for your energy, whilst following the CNMC guidelines and redefined changes from the distributors. As we receive more information, we will be informing each of our clients with the information that is specifically relevant to them.

The updates to the meters and the way electricity is billed will be automatic and you do not have to actively do anything. It’s also important to know that your power will not be cut by us at anytime as a result of these changes.

So, what are the changes?

Firstly, the most significant changes are to the new 2.0 TD tariff that will affect practically all households and a large part of consumers. Currently, ‘low voltage’ installations (potencia less than 15 kW) represent practically all Spanish households, between six different rates (2.0 A, 2.0 DHA, 2.0DHS, 2.1 A, 2.1 DHA, 2.1 DHS) according to their preferences and needs. With the change in regulations, these six tariffs are replaced by a single tariff: the 2.0 TD , therefore, all supply points with a contracted power (potencia) of less than 15 kW will have this tariff.

So, the access tariffs or access tolls 2.0 (electric power (potencia) less than 10 kW) and 2.1 (potencia from 10 kW to 15 kW) will all be renamed 2.0 TD.

There will be no more ’24 hour’ price option on the tariffs. ALL tariffs will now have 3 energy consumption billing periods and 2 potencia periods – this means you will be able to choose 2 potencias (the same or different) throughout the day to ensure you are optimised for your personal usage.

The new 2.0 TD rate distinguishes the geographical areas of residence, and it will not be the same throughout the country. In fact, five different areas have been established to define the time slots that will have a different price. The areas are the Canary Islands, the Balearic Islands, Ceuta, Melilla and the peninsula. In addition, in each of these areas four different electric seasons have been assigned according to the calendar: high, medium high, medium and low).

Three energy periods

The new 2.0 TD rate will have three different time periods for consumption, spilt over six time bands in which the cost of electricity will be different throughout the day. The schedule for new billing periods depends on the day of the week, the month, and the geographic area.

Billing periods from Monday to Friday working in the peninsula, the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands:

  • VALLE: It is the cheapest period and includes the night hours with a lower electricity consumption, from 00:00 to 8:00.
  • PUNTA: It is the most expensive period and ranges from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and from 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.
  • LLANO: This period maintains an intermediate price and ranges from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m., 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. and from 10:00 p.m. to 12:00 p.m.

Two potencia periods

Another great novelty that accompanies the new 2.0 TD access rates is the possibility for consumers to choose two potencia rates throughout the day. Depending on your consumption habits, this means you can choose a potencia for off-peak hours and another power for peak hours. The distributors are offering all consumers two free decreases to their potencia rate over the next 12 months so you can optimise your rates accurately and ensure you are not paying for more power than you need. Bonus!

These 2.0 TD rates will maintain two periods in power (PUNTA and VALLE) with the following hourly schedules:

Tariffs with potencia greater than 15 kW

Tariffs that require a power greater than 15 kW will now have 6 different energy consumption prices as well as 6 different periods of potencia, varying by day, time and geographical area. Please see the below article for more information related to this:

How will the new 2021 electricity tariffs affect you with potencia greater than 15 kW? >

How will the new 2021 electricity tariffs affect you with potencia greater than 15 kW?

There are changes coming to how energy is priced across all of Spain based on governmental regulations…

To summarise

To summarise these new governmental regulations coming in from 1st June 2021:

  •  There will be more importance of concentrating your electricity consumption within off-peak hours (cheapest hours). As, with these changes, all consumers will now be affected by the times they use their electricity.
  •  Until now, you would have contracted a certain rate for your electrical power (potencia) and if and when you exceeded it, the trip switches may have jumped and cut your power momentarily. With the new 2.0 TD rates you can now contract two different power rates for each period of the day and schedule the use of high consumption electrical appliances when the contracted power is higher. You can also make 2 decreases to your potencia rates in the following 12 months free of charge.
  •  Your electricity bills from 1st June 2021 will include new breakdown of costs and usage such as the division of 3 different periods of energy consumption (PUNTA, VALLE and LLANO), as well as the division of the contracted electric power (potencia) into 2 periods (PUNTA and VALLE).
  • We will be releasing more information about the updates to tariffs with potencia greater than 15 kW early next week.

The power of simplicity

Electricity bills have always been complicated and difficult to understand for most consumers, and now it will be even more complicated with the application of this regulation and added tariff periods. At Energy Nordic we understand that which is why we creating the simplest and clearest invoice on the market with a complete breakdown of all these costs so that you can understand exactly what you’re paying for (and at the best price possible).

Do you have questions?!

Of course you do. We completely understand you will have questions about this and how it affects you directly. We will be delivering more information as we receive it from the government and updating you at every stage – remember this won’t come into place until 1st June 2021. But please do pop a comment below and we will answer any queries you may have.

  • Many thanks for your update and continued support, i would not consider changing Energynordic as my supplier, superb company. Paul and Sue Lyne, Arroyo de miel.

  • I understand the consumption periods but I do not understand the dual potencia at all. How do I select 2 potencias? Or is it selected for me? Can I just stick with what I have now across the periods?

    • Hi Charles,

      Your Potencia level is going to stay the same. Now you just have the option to lower part of your Potencia.
      It will be in two periods; P1: 8am to midnight, and then P2: midnight to 8am, weekends and holidays. So if you do not need as much power during the nights or weekends you can lower it and save even more.

  • Hello, I am your customer no 18020020 and increased my potensia to 17 kW when they changed my electric meter to the new electronic one that they can read remotely. This meter stopped at peaks, since I also have a 8kW sauna in the house. Can you check my maximum peaks, do I still need this higher potensia och could I do with this new 2.0TD one ? Br Jan-Martin Borman

    • Hi Jan-Martin,

      Because you have a Maximeter you can see your Potencia peaks on page two of your invoices.

      You tariff will change to another one. We will send out a blog post about this tariff within the next week.

      Thank you.

  • My comment:
    It was better to make special rate for second home owners who are using over whole the year a modest amount of energy, and charge them only for the few weeks summer use

  • I have a holiday home and will only use the property for a maximum of 4 months of the year. How will these changes effect my bill after June.

  • Thank you for giving us this information which on the face of it looks very confusing! We look forward to further information and maybe we will need to visit your office to see how best to apply the new rates to our situation.

  • So totally confusing , why can’t they just keep it as it is. My potencia is very low at the moment and I don’t need two types of potencia during the day , just the one I’m using. Does this mean I’ll be paying more for my electricity ? It’s expensive as it !!!!

    • Hi George,

      Your Potencia level is going to stay the same. Now you just have the option to lower part of your Potencia. It will be in to period 8am to midnight, and then midnight to 8am, weekends and holidays. So if you do not need as much power during the nights or weekends you can lower it and save even more.
      We do not yet know the prices, but according to the government the Potencia should get cheaper.

      Thank you.

  • Madness. Price increases by the back door in a country that already has some of the most expensive electricity prices in Europe I’ll be monitoring my Energy Nordic bills in minute detail before building my own wind turbine.

  • Eventhough the blurb is in english I’m as wise at the end of the script as I was at the start. I have a holiday home and I have paid you guys about 20 euro pm over the past year for no usage !

  • As my potency supply is 13.5 this is expensive is there some way I can look to reducing this as is cost more than my actual electric used

    • Hi Joan,

      We always recommend calling an electrician to consult them when you need to reduce your Potencia, as we do not have any data on how much wattage your appliances need and therefore can’t guide you properly on the Potencia needed at your property.

      Thank you.

  • Many thanks for the update. The two tarries sound the best option for us.
    Look forward to hearing from you again soon

  • How will I know when my cheap rate electricity is so I can use dishwasher, washing machine and oven at the best economical time?

    • Hi Lorraine,

      From the 1st of June the cheapest rate will be P3 (Valle). The hours for P3 will be from midnight to 8 in the morning.
      During weekends and holidays you only pay the cheap price of P3.

      Thank you.

  • Hello, thank you for your e mail. I have not been in Spain for over 12 months now but am still paying a monthly bill for electricity I do not use. Can you please confirm I will now be on the lowest tariff / potencia, or if there is anything I can do to reduce my bills. Look forward to hearing from you.
    Anthony Davies

  • Hello
    Is it possible for someone to give us a call to discuss this.
    Our telephone number is 00353 892386429

  • What about the potencia 5.75 which I have will this drop to 2.0 ?? And what about the power being low are they going to give us proper power cables ??? You cannot in force new rules with crap power that’s just not fair is it
    Bloody useless Spanish gov they indorse EU rules but don’t tell them there cables ect are the joke of Europe my email is a small b which your system seems unable to understand .

    • Hi Robert,

      You potencia level will stay the same but be split to two period.
      So from 8am to midnight you’ll have 5.75 kW, and from midnight to 8am and on weekends and bank holiday you’ll have 5.75 kW.
      It will now be possible to change one or both of these to different levels if needed.

      If you are experiencing issues with your physical installation please contact us on [email protected] and we will contact your distributor ad have them come and fix it.

      Thank you.

  • Unfortunately the Button for “german” information does not work, although offered!

  • It’s a little confusing and a little frustrating as I have just paid for a change of tariff and potencia. Would have been nice to have been told that changes were possibly happening.
    But my query relates to your diagrams for the times of the tariffs are different to the written times. Why is this?
    I understand there is no difference in summer and winter?

  • Hi, one very basic question. We live in Javea/Xabia. Can you define what ‘the peninsula’ means to the providers?

  • Hi my wife is disabled and as she cannot walk watches tv most of the day fron 13.00 to 01.00 also heating and air con these times will this new tariff have an impact on our bills

    • Hi John,

      Depending on your consumption behaviours it can either get cheaper or more expensive for you.
      The cheapest hours to use power in will be from midnight to 8am.
      The normal price will be in 3 periods:
      8am to 10am
      2pm to 4pm
      10pm to midnight

      Then the most expensive hours are from:
      10am to 2pm
      6pm to 10pm

      Thank you.

  • Are all electricity companies now forced to charge the same unit price in each of the three price brackets? If so…there is no competition…no special deals available?
    Surely this is shainst EU free competion rule
    Thank you

    • Hi Tony,

      Just as all electricity companies today follow the same guideline for the different tariffs available but still have different prices, so will it be when it changes to the new tariff. There is still free competition. The new tariff just determines the hours your electricity is being measured in and how to bill them.

      Thank you.

  • 1) först: översättningen till svenska (i vårt fall) fungerar inte!
    2) Vi har idag fixed price. Dag och natt taxa. VAD ERSÄTTER DET?
    3) Krävs någon åtgärd från oss för valet mellan de tre tids-klasserna?

    • Hej Hans,

      1) Nu burde det virke på svensk igen.
      2) Du vil stadig beholde en fixed pris. Men i stedet for din strøm bliver målt og betalt i 2 perioder, vil det nu være i 3 perioder.
      3) Nej, skiftet sker helt automatisk.

      Har du andre spørgsmål er du velkommen til at skrive til kundeservice


  • Hi Mr Michael Jørgensen you are correct the new Tarrif system is as clear as mud and serves to confuse customers even more. What are Nordic doing to help Customers decide how best to split their usage to get the most from cheaper energy which was the objective with the development of the large scale Solar farms across the Provinces. Thank you Ashley Watson. [email protected]

    • Hi Stephen,

      You don’t have to do anything. The new tariff will apply for all clients and start automatically on June 1st.
      The cheapest hours will now be in the P3 (Valle) period.

      Thank you.

  • Do not agree with this new Tarif We are contracted to the two tarifs so why do have to change . We have not heard from any other suppliers re this . Please show proof of this on a Gov Internet Site Thank You

    • Hi Shaz,

      Just as all electricity companies are following the same guideline for the tariffs available today, so will they when the new tariff takes place. It doesn’t mean the price will be the same with all companies.

      Thank you.

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