Dia de Andalucía, Why is it celebrated?

Dia de Andalucia, also known as Andalusia Day, is a regional holiday celebrated annually on February 28th in Andalusia, Spain. The day marks the establishment of the Andalusian autonomous community, which was created in 1980 as a result of the Spanish Constitution. The holiday is a time to celebrate the rich cultural heritage and unique identity of the Andalusian people.

The origin of this day

To commemorate this date we must go back to 1977, shortly after the death of the dictator Francisco Franco and the beginning of the transition to democracy. Specifically, on 4 December 1977, a massive demonstration was held in all the cities of Andalusia to demand autonomy for the region.

The day ended in tragedy with the death of a worker from Malaga, Manuel José García Caparrós, who was shot during the demonstration. His memory became a symbol of the autonomy issue. The massive gathering of people on 4 December led to the referendum of 28 February 1980 and the subsequent creation of the 1981 Statute of Autonomy.

The beauty of Andalusia

Andalusia is located in southern Spain and is one of the 17 autonomous communities in the country. The region is famous for its stunning architecture, including the Alhambra Palace in Granada, and for its delicious cuisine, including tapas and flamenco dance. It is also known for its rich history, dating back to the Moors who ruled the region for over 700 years.


To celebrate Dia de Andalucia, cities and towns throughout the region host a variety of events, such as parades, music and dance performances, and traditional food festivals.

The day is also a time for locals to gather with family and friends to reflect on their Andalusian heritage and celebrate the achievements of their community.

In Seville, the capital of Andalusia, a large parade is held in the city center, featuring colorful floats, traditional costumes, and live music.

In Granada, there are flamenco performances and traditional food festivals showcasing the region’s culinary heritage.

In addition to these events, museums and cultural centers throughout Andalusia also offer special exhibitions and events to commemorate the day.

In conclusion, Dia de Andalucia is a day of celebration and reflection for the people of Andalusia. It is a time to celebrate the rich cultural heritage of the region and acknowledge the achievements of the Andalusian community. Whether you’re visiting Andalusia or simply want to learn more about this fascinating region, Dia de Andalucia is a perfect opportunity to experience its rich history, culture, and traditions.

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