Ideas to save energy in the summer and keep your home cool

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As we all know during the summer or when it is hot, energy consumption tends to increase exponentially as many people depend on energy to maintain temperatures in their spaces.

Considering the heat wave that Spain is going through and included with the start of summer, we have collected these 10 of tricks to help you lower or maintain your electricity consumption during this time.

  1. Solar panels:

A great alternative to save energy during the summer is to install solar panels since these take advantage of 100% sunlight and generate free energy for your home. It is also advantageous because if you generate more energy than you are using, this will be rewarded in your energy bill, and you may have an energy bill of €0. And in turn, it is an expense that pays for itself quickly and has a long-term duration, which is why it is considered a great investment.

If you are interested in this option, at Energy Nordic we offer you these products and provide advice throughout the process.

  1. Energy company:

Another important point is the energy company with which you have contracted your supply. You always need great communication from the company to get advice on how to keep your energy bill as low as possible and to make sure you are getting the best deal the company can provide.

  1. Use LED bulbs:

LED bulbs consume between 75 and 80% less than normal ones, which makes them a much better option, although they cost a little more, this cost will quickly pay for itself. This is because all the energy they generate is consumed and not wasted on generating heat like other light bulbs. They also last 25 times longer and are better for the environment.

  1. Air conditioning:

Your air conditioner must be as new as possible so that it belongs to the A +++, A ++ and A + category and that it is in the best conditions, since this way you will save high energy costs and obtain the best performance that your equipment can give. For this, verify that your air filter is clean and in good condition; It is also recommended to keep the temperature of this at 24 degrees to obtain a comfortable temperature without demanding too much from the equipment.

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  1. Use fans:

A much cheaper alternative to air conditioning is either ceiling or floor fans. These consume 90% less energy and can be a good option to cool your home.

  1. Avoid heat emissions:

Different heat emissions like the oven running too long or using the hair dryer can make your home feel too hot and delay or prevent your fan or air conditioner from doing its job. This way, you will also be saving energy consumption.

  1. Unplug everything that is not being used:

Be it the TV, microwave, toaster, or any device that is not being used so that it does not consume any energy or generate heat.

  1. Close the blinds:

By closing some of your blinds during the day you will prevent too much sun or heat from entering your home. And blackout blinds are even better since their purpose is to keep light and heat out.

We also recommend leaving windows open that are not directly exposed to the sun to let light into the house, but not the heat of the sun; this way you can illuminate your house.

  1. Make sure you use energy at the cheapest time of day:

Depending on the power that you have contracted, you can verify which is the best time of day to consume the greatest amount of energy, respecting the schedules of P1, P2 and P3. An even better alternative would be for you to check on the OMIE page which will be the cheapest and most expensive schedule to know exactly which one suits you.

  1. Air your house at times with less heat:

Finally, it is recommended to ventilate the home by opening the windows at times when the temperature has dropped as much as possible, these times are almost always at night. This way you can refresh your house while saving energy for the next day, as well as bring new and fresh air into the home.

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