New measure in Spain that implies a great change for electric cars

The expansion of the electric vehicle continues to gain strength in Spain. However, the lack of recharging infrastructure is the main impediment to growth in the number of zero-emission cars within the fleet.

According to data from the ANFAC Manufacturers Association, electrified vehicles accumulated one in 10 sales in the first four months of 2022. Although these figures are positive, the association underlines the need to accelerate the pace of electrification in order to achieve the emission reduction targets set by the PNIEC in 2022.

According to José López-Tafall, general director of ANFAC, “the sector continues to push a wide range of vehicles, but it is essential to generate a context of greater certainty for the user by promoting recharging infrastructures, greater efficiency of aid plans and a favourable tax framework that makes the electrified vehicle a first purchase option ».

This is the reason why the possibility of making a change to promote the use of these vehicles, the electric mobility plan and the reduction of CO2 emissions has been being considered for years.

Due to these problems, on December 21, 2021, the BOE through Real Decreto-ley 29/2021 published a new decree that “urgent measures are adopted in the energy field to promote electric mobility, self-consumption and deployment of renewable energy.

How will this new plan work?

In said decree, it is established that as of January 1, 2023, all public places or companies that have a parking lot with more than 20 spaces must have at least 1 recharging point for electric vehicles.

Also, if said parking lots, whether inside or outside, has a number of spaces of up to 1,000, it must have 1 recharging point for every 40 spaces. And in the cases of parking lots with more than 1,000 spaces, they must have 1 recharging point for every 10 spaces.

It should be clarified that this rule does not apply to private car parks of individuals or residences of neighbors.

On the other hand, the Government offers through Plan Moves III, the possibility of accessing a subsidy of up to 30% for companies and up to 70% for individuals. Always with the aim of betting on electric mobility while trying to put Spain in a better situation, at the level of the rest of the European countries.

Correspondingly, the government of Spain has implemented another version of Plan MOVES, now called Plan MOVES III. Which, In one of its sections offers different grants for companies and individuals in order to be able to finance the purchase and installation of charging points for electric cars.
Specifically, the government offers 70% grants for individuals and 30% grants for companies, taking into account the previously mentioned law that will start running on the 1st of January 2023.

Once the installation is done, then the competent body studies the installation and will assess whether or not they give the grant. Although supposedly the grants are being granted without problems.

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