Charging stations for electric vehicles in Spain

If you have an electric vehicle and want to get your own charging point – Energy Nordic has teamed up with partner companies to offer you the opportunity to get different charging points for your electric vehicle. Using our experience and knowledge in the energy industry, this proposal intends to help the energy transition.

Accompanied by the growth in the demand for electric vehicles, the need arises among users for their own recharging stations, with greater accessibility and ease of use.

We offer advice and complete installation service; all you have to provide is the location.

Through the MOVES III program, the government allocates €400M, expandable to €800M, to promote sustainable mobility. From this, people, communities of owners, and different types of companies may benefit from electric vehicle recharging infrastructure (both public and private) and plug-in electric vehicles; in all of Spain.

In turn, Palma City Council, through the public company EMAYA, is committed to a sustainable mobility project through the installation of a municipal network of 2,000 electric vehicle charging stations.

Where can the installation be done?

It could be done at:

  • Private garages
  • Community garages
  • Inside companies
  • Public administrations
  • Renewable stations

What kind of charging points exist?

The recharging points for these vehicles exist in different types and forms, here are briefly explained those that are currently marketed:

– Portable Recharging Point – This allows recharging from traditional domestic connectors, it is comfortable and easy to transport.

– Wall or Mural Recharge Point – These are installed through anchors to the wall of your garage and said installation is simple, easy to use, and economical. Within these, some alternatives allow power control.

– Post-Recharge Point – these points are known to be found in companies or public places, are perfect for long journeys and have a high charging power.

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