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Chris Halsey

``Been with Energy Nordic now for one year and the savings have been tremendous. I was told they could save me 20% but it has been much greater than that being nearer to 40% Customer services were fantastic when i had to contact them. All round GREAT!``


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Our FLEX Rate guarantees that you receive the most affordable energy, with a €6 monthly handling fee.

certified green energy

Available on request.

7 over 10 save money with us.

Reduce your bills with Energy Nordic! You can reduce your bills thanks to our tariffs. Get a realistic comparison now.

Receive energy bills that are easy to understand

In our quest to provide the best service to our customers, we are proud to offer customer service and invoicing in 7 different languages.


All communications sent to your email

We send all information to you by email. Sending contracts, bills, and letters to you electronically is easier, quicker, and more environmentally friendly.

Switching has never been easier.

You can be confident that things will run smoothly and that you’re making the right move.

No engineer or installer visits
No disruption to your supply
We'll inform your old supplier

Fair prices that stay fair

Energy based on the market price, no hidden charges – just a 6€ handling fee. We’re not ones for complicated pricing – simple and transparent, that’s our motto – the better choice, whether it’s for your home, or your business.

Speak easy

Billing and speedy customer service in your language when you need it. As a customer with Energy Nordic, we believe that it should always be easy to see exactly what you are paying for. That is why we have made your bills as simple and transparent as possible with direct and clear customer service in six different languages fluently.

Tariff options

Different tariff options are available depending on your contracted power. Our energy experts will be able to advise the best tariff options for you depending on your consumption profile and power usage to ensure you are getting the best price possible.

Receive a free quote today

Send us a copy of a recent bill for a no-obligation comparative quotation.

Fixed price

We like to keep things simple. You pay us a fixed handling charge for trading daily on the energy market 6€ per month – no extra costs or hidden charges.

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Send us your details and we take care of all the practicalities.