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Renewable energy, that’s simple to get and simple to manage.

Lower your energy bills AND your carbon footprint. We provide our clients with green electricity produced by renewable certified sources including solar, wind and hydro.
Green energy, or energy from renewable or sustainable origins, is energy produced using natural resources that are, luckily, infinite. We at Energy Nordic offer green energy, so the more clients we have buying green energy, the more we can support renewable energies.

We believe energy should be better

A better experience for you, your wallet and the environment. We promote transparency, simplicity and ethics in all our actions; working every day to make green energy more accessible to everyone.

We are certified as suppliers of green energy from renewable and sustainable sources. The CNMC is an entity that promotes and defends proper operation of all markets, in the interest of consumers and businesses.


Green energy has become the economic choice. This gives the world a unique opportunity to take real action against climate change and create a world that runs entirely on green energy

Join the revolution

Choosing clean power is one of the biggest things you can do to tackle the climate crisis. Renewable energy is the best chance we have to reduce global emissions to safe levels.
Let's move forwards, together

If we want to improve the planet we live on, we should move towards sustainability, so at Energy Nordic we give our full support to the renewable energy producers that we work with every day. Thanks to them (and our wonderful customers, supporting green energy), more and more clean energy is being produced.

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