Our Virtual Solar Battery

Get full compensation for your surplus 

Save ALL the energy you generate and bring your bill down to €0!

What is Virtual Solar Battery?

With the Virtual Solar Battery, you can store ALL the surplus energy generated by your solar panels.

The benefit of a physical solar battery without all the extra cost.

The energy saved is used to lower the cost of all your electricity bills down to €0.

Compensation of Surpluses

We give you back the BEST market price!
With a flex rate for your energy and a flex rate for your surpluses.

Fixed Fee, for only €6 per month!

Get all the benefits of a traditional solar battery without the high cost of purchase, installation and maintenance.

No permanence!

Terminate the Virtual Solar Battery service at any time YOU want, without worrying about a permanence obligation.

Reduce your bills with our virtual solar battery:

You can see the virtual solar battery fee, which is calculated by the days of the invoice. And the most important, the balance available.

It will be automatically applied to your invoices, and any excess will be saved in your virtual pocket.

As well as your usual surplus energy compensation.

VIrtual Battery

Did you know you can use your credit on your second home?

Yes, that’s right! If you have a second home or business and have solar panels installed on one of them, you can use the € you have in your virtual solar battery bag to SAVE money on your OTHER bill.

Frequently asked questions

1. How does it work?

Using cloud-based technology, your unused solar panel production is stored. This gives you the opportunity to use 100% of the production from your solar panels, without physical batteries.

Our virtual battery allows you to save those surpluses which, due to legal regulations, could not be offset on the same invoice on which they were generated and apply them in the form of a discount on subsequent invoices.

2. Who can hire the Virtual Solar Battery?

Anyone who has installed solar panels and has “AUTOCONSUMO” activated by the distributor, in order to receive compensation for surplus solar energy sent to the grid.

3. When can I use the credit on my Battery?

If you have any amount stored in the virtual exchange, the discounts will be applied to the following invoices.

4. How much does it cost?

The fixed fee for the Virtual Battery product is 6€ per 30 days. It is calculated based on the number of days of the invoice.

5. Can the balance be stored for a certain period of time?

Good news! Whatever balance you have, it does not expire, it will always keep updating as the months go by and new bills come in but it will not expire.

6. How can I use my balance in another house that is in my name?

It acts as a “round-robin”, the balance that can be applied based on the percentage available is discounted at the time of calculation; the maximum percentage that could be applied to each address of the amount in the Virtual Battery is previously stablished.

7. When does it start working?

It starts to work once you are already an Energy Nordic customer and from the last reading date onwards.

8. What happens if I want to cancel the Virtual Solar Battery?

The client only has to give 30 days’ notice so that the corresponding changes can be made. And there is no specific period of permanence before cancellation.

9. Where can I see my balance?

You are able to see your balance in every invoice that Energy Nordic sends you, but in any case, you can always find out how much balance you have in your Virtual Solar Battery with just a phone call or email to [email protected].