Solar power:
a bright alternative in Spain

Take advantage of the solar power subsidies and rebates available throughout Spain. Get full compensation for your surpluses and get the best rate!

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Save over 80% on your energy bills with solar panels.

Free energy at your fingertips.

Increase your Saves

Implement a virtual battery to your system and get full compensation for your surpluses, saving more!

High Quality & Premium Solutions

We offer the best quality products at the best price, ensuring durability and guarantees for the future.

Carefree Projects

We take care of all the necessary procedures and processes so that you can easily generate your own energy.

Easy Communication

Our English speaking team will ensure the best attention, thanks to our expertise with expatriats living in Spain.

Keep Track of your Production

Thanks to our monitoring system you can control the production of your panels at all times.


  • Benefit from government IBI & ICIO rebates.
  • Lower all your bills & be grid-independent. Generate more than 80% of the energy you need.
  • Recover the inversion in between 5-6 years.
  • Spain is one of the countries with the highest number of sunny days, boasting more than 320 days of sunshine per year.


We compensate your surplus energy based on the market rate price. Your energy bill can reach €0 with our Virtual Solar Battery. Prices are variable to ensure you get the best rate for the energy you produce.