Benefits of solar panels in Spain

There are endless benefits to installing solar panels, from the energy they generate to the long life of the panels, but here in Spain there are even more opportunities that enhance the benefits of solar energy.

The potential of solar energy in Spain

Did you know that we have 2,500 hours of sunshine per year? This is one of the highest figures on the continent, so Spain’s potential is more than evident. However, Germany has 10 times more installed capacity to generate solar energy, which shows that we are still in the process of evolving.

Rising electricity prices

This year is being characterised by price rises in many sectors that, unfortunately, until now we could not avoid. It is not only petrol that is seeing historic figures, but also the electricity bill. In 2020, the average price was €40.4/MWh. This year its value has multiplied by five, reaching 212.3 €/MWh.

This, among many other factors that we are going to mention in the article, is one of the main reasons why many people decide to switch to self-consumption.

Reducing production costs

A few years ago, the production costs of solar energy were so high that the prices of solar panels were soaring. As a result, the possibility of installing panels on roofs did not appeal to users.

In the last ten years, solar energy has reduced its costs by 95%. Technological progress has made it possible to improve solar panel models, as they are now lighter and more compact (which optimises production and transport costs and increases their efficiency).

Environmental awareness

Thanks to a study on the environmental behaviour of Spaniards published by the BBVA Foundation, we know that 54% currently state that they would pay more to solve environmental problems, and 80% believe that the government should increase the level of investment in this same area.

The challenges, interests and concerns about environmental issues make the environment one of the main issues on which citizens are demanding an increase in public spending. Not only are they interested in these issues, but they are also demanding more political responses to the seriousness of the situation.

Repeal of the Sun Tax

The solar panel tax was created to secure the right of consumers to connect and to pay for the use of energy that the PV panels were not able to generate.

The sun tax regulation required installations that produced more than 100kW of power and had storage batteries to conserve the energy produced to also commit to feeding their surplus energy into the grid, without receiving compensation for it, in addition to paying the corresponding tax.

Thanks to this decree, the producers of self-consumption energy paid a cost for the photovoltaic installation, for producing their own energy and also for consuming it, regardless of the fact that they used even less power than many of the users.

It is clear why the installation of self-consumption solar panels in homes or businesses was no longer attractive and profitable. This is why the repeal of the sun tax was a significant change for solar energy in 2019. While in 2018, the Spanish photovoltaic capacity was 4 MW, the following year this figure doubled, reaching 8 MW.

Grants and subsidies

With the end of the sun tax, Spain began to apply aid and subsidies in order to improve the development of solar energy and move towards the objectives of generating renewable energy sources.

Currently, there are various types of subsidies, depending on the autonomous community, aimed at individuals who install photovoltaic panels, which can save up to 50% on electricity bills. A series of requirements must also be taken into account when applying for these subsidies:

  • Submit a budget or a detailed proforma invoice for the installation.
  • They are not cumulative, they can only be applied once.
  • Only one subsidy per dwelling is allowed.
  • The installation must comply with the minimum and maximum installed power.
  • All installations must have a monitoring system.

After reading this article, don’t you think that photovoltaic energy is for you? Contact us through this form and get your solar panels this summer.

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