What is a CUPS number and why is it so important?

If you have been asked your CUPS number by your energy company supplier or distributor, here we have everything you need to know about it.

The CUPS number stands for Universal Supply Point Code or (Código Universal de Punto de Suministro, in Spanish) and it is a 20 or 22 alphanumeric digit password which is essential for confirming your energy supply.

What is the CUPS for?

This number is the one that identifies your house or business from others in the energy industry here in Spain. Electricity and Gas have a different CUPS number for each house/apartment/business, and it cannot be changed by anyone. It is permanent and unique.

In addition to identifying the power supply point, the CUPS number is required to perform the following common operations:

Even though it’s not strictly necessary for other operations, we recommend that you always take it into account as it simplifies many processes.

Where can I find the CUPS?

This number appears in every single Energy Nordic bill, specifically at the end of the bill alongside all your personal details.

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